Sunshine Psychedelic

Sunshine Psychedelic
on a hot summer day
you’ve an appetite for rocks,
and you’re coming my way
(it’s actually spring,
but come anyway);
mushrooms on parade
in this pretty how town,
you’re the bell I want floating upside-down.
the fashion displayed
and the colors arrayed
and the children at play,
but the stones you hold
are what turns the day.
Within our hands we turn to clay,
we mold ourselves warm
and wet
and God, but we need a space private and away.
Sunshine Psychedelic,
you take every pose:
coquettish and coy,
inviting sans clothes,
the thoughtful intellectual,
the playful tease,
the mourning heart,
the one to please,
and I’ll love them all,
each and every one:
I’ll make love to each facet
’til you tell me you’re done.
Sunshine Psychedelic
on a hot summer day
I’ve an appetite for pie,
and I’m coming your way.


Spontaneous Combustion

The fire starts at the cell phone
(not so smart now, is it?)
then rapidly engulfs your body;
it spreads across the couch,
burns a trail through hallways,
doors, stairs,
until finally it comes licking into the bedroom.
We probably could have put it out
if we weren’t so busy pouring kerosine;
the flames devour pictures, beds,
husbands, wives and family.
We really ought to escape this arson,
but now we’ll see it through:
the flames devour everything,
including me and you.
Ashes can be fertile,
and something new may grow,
but it’s also pure destruction,
so forgive me while I glow.