Matter Magic

Matter is energy.

In Matter Magic, Codex Four of the Enchiridia Mysteria, 25 new spells and 4 magic items concern that most tangible of things: physical objects. Whether you are creating objects, destroying those which irk you, or fundamentally altering objects in new ways, your grimoire of spells will leave a lasting impression on the physical world.

Are you ready to shape matter?

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Monastic Tradition: Sword Dancer of Eilistraee

It is hard to escape Lolth’s grasp.

Dark elves who hold joy and goodness in their hearts are rare, and rarer still are those who risk Lolth’s wrath by converting and escorting other drow from the darkness into the light. Eilistraee, the Dark Maiden, is the divine source of this kindness and guidance, and her followers sometimes take up the path of the sword dancer to emulate her grace. While most are dark elves and traditionally female, all races and genders are welcome to join.

Will you dance under the moon, and bring others to its light?

Sword Dancer of Eilistraee at Dungeon Masters Guild, pay-what-you-want

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Spell Collection 1

This collection contains the first four spell books published by Lord Rumfish (Mark Burton), all published in 2018.

You get 176 spells across 4 books, along with 3 monsters and 3 variant rules for time paradoxes.

Save some money, and get this fabulous collection of spells and magic for only $14.95. It will bolster and broaden any character with access to spells!

The following spellbooks are included in this collection:

“Spells from Elsewhere”
“Mind Magic”
“Time Magic”
“Mortality Magic”

“Spell Collection 1” at Dungeon Masters Guild for only $14.95

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Sorcerous Origin: Aberrant Bloodline

Your gifts may be dark in origin, but none can deny the power you wield through your #aberration heritage!

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Get your #sorcerer a new bloodline, and bring the alien into your #dnd5e #dnd game!

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Mortality Magic

Will you be a #healer, or a killer?

Welcome to “Mortality Magic,” Codex Three of the Enchiridia Mysteria. In this collection of 25 new #spells about life, death, and #undead you will find both good and evil. Almost every spell is #necromancy within this codex, as the focus is within the domain of life and death. The classic spells Disrupt Undead and Malison have returned, and the rest are brand-new.

While there are indeed foul spells of the vilest necromancy within this enchiridion, there are also selfless spells of healing that even the purest could not find fault in.

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Mortality Magic at Dungeon Masters Guild

An Honest Man Goes to Jail

Based on some recent experiences, I would like to relate a story about how our justice and incarceration systems are broken. Before I relate the gritty details, first I’d like to share some findings with you that disagreed with my preconceptions of the justice system. The story will be told along the way.

Myth #1: Being Read Your Rights (the Miranda Rights)

If you are going to be arrested (in this case, for a contempt of court charge relating to a traffic ticket you’ve already paid and a court date that may never have existed that you were never informed of), don’t expect to be “read your rights.” The officer who arrested me told me some sort of bupkis about it only applying to people who were being questioned in relation to a crime. Turns out they have no obligation, or desire, to inform you of your rights for other types of arrests.

Myth #2: The Pat-Down

One might believe that an officer of the law would not feel you up and touch your genitals when they pat you down for weapons (after asking you if you have any weapons and being told no). It does not feel like any less of a violation of my person because I am male. It gave me a feeling of nausea somewhere in the pit of my stomach, and I had an uncomfortable sensation in my groin for the rest of the day. I am lucky enough to have no prior sensation of violation to compare it to, but I don’t know what else to call the feeling. I was felt up twice, in fact: once at the arrest and once at the jail. We’ll get to the jail in a moment.

Myth #3: Innocent Until Proven Guilty

If you are arrested for some reason (in this case, for a warrant relating to something you’ve already paid and a series of court dates you most certainly attended with bells on), don’t expect anyone to care that you are not guilty of the crime, let alone take the expectation that you are innocent. “Innocent until proven guilty” is a nice idea that has no real-world equivalent. If there is any hint of a reason to think you’ve done anything wrong, you are treated as guilty.

Myth #4: The Phone Call

You know that old saying, something about the one phone call when you get to jail? There were phones I eventually had access to, but these phones only made local calls. I am living in a new city. The phone numbers I have memorized, such as my parents’ home phone number, my fiance’s cell phone, or my best friend’s cell phone, do not have local area codes in this city. Looks like you don’t get to make a call after all.

One of the officers took pity on me (probably because I’m “white”) and let me make a quick phone call from the desk. I don’t think most inmates get that opportunity.

Myth #5: Due Process

If you believe you would have a trial date to at least try to prove your innocence before being thrown in jail, you would be mistaken. In fact, in a county where the traffic violation and theoretical warrant did not occur, they have little to no information about any reason why you have a warrant. You will be summarily thrown in jail, the details will be sorted out later… theoretically. Ah, but there’s the bond system, right? That leads us to…

Myth #6: No Taxation Without Representation
…and also…

Myth #7: The Abolition of Debtor’s Prison
In this particular case, I was able to pay the fine, narrowly, to be released on bail for a crime I did not commit after wasting 5-6 hours of my time and giving me a terrible score as an Uber Eats driver while my delivery, and any subsequent ones, were forcibly neglected. However, what if someone were theoretically unable to pay a court fine? Or a bail fine? They would sit in prison while the outside world, and all of their life’s affairs, go by unattended. So far as I can tell, the “justice” system and incarceration system are a money-making scheme that lacks any soul. This leads me to the last, and ugliest, myth.

Myth #8: You Are Safe if You Haven’t Done Anything Wrong
I am a “white” man, 35 years of age, with no tattoos, piercings, or any history of misdemeanors, prior arrests, felonies, etc., basically anything worse than two (now three) traffic tickets. I’m sure white privilege was working in my favor throughout this ordeal, and would only have been worse if any of the above was not true.

In the past, I used to see the police as a necessary compromise for public safety. I could see there were problems with the justice system as a whole, but I also saw police officers as doing a necessary duty and keeping people safe. Changes clearly need to be made, particularly in how black people are treated, or people of any ethnicity other than “white”. I saw these things at a distance, as a theory.

Now, the police lights already make me uncomfortable, and I would go out of my way at this point to avoid them. It is not because I feel guilty, but out of a sense of fear.

What are they going to misconstrue this time? What mistake will the police make this time that I will pay for? Not wearing any reflective gear while they stand in the middle of a pitch-black road in the dead of night, with no traffic cones or other obvious signs I should stop? Will they believe I failed to yield properly while they are double-parked and not directing traffic, doing god-knows-what? Will the problem be more insidious, such as a justice system losing the record of me paying my traffic fine and inventing a court date I was never informed of? What else might go wrong? What if I was reaching for my phone to make a call and they thought I had a weapon? What if I was black?

I won’t bore you with all of the details, such as the near-mistaken identity that plagued me with someone else who has my birthday and a very similar name (I was lucky enough to have my Social Security card on me, there’s now a copy of it in my file for this reason). Suffice to say, it took forever, it was awful, and that was with fairly cordial interactions with the police. I can hardly imagine what the black woman who came in after me was going through, her night was a heck of a lot worse than mine (she was screaming mad and pregnant).