The Reality Strikes Back

Coated in black plastic
I try not to scream at the realization that machines
run my body
run my mind
I should be getting used to this,
it’s not like it’s the first time;
years of isolation
not experiencing touch,
warmth is unknown in this mold;
even my light saber
may as well be cold.
Why don’t I just give in,
let the dark side have its win?
Even call it my one friend?
Then the panic subsides
and I realize what you’re telling me
is not as bad as I believed,
that while there is some darkness,
there is much unknown,
much we could achieve
if we have faith
if we are brave
if we both believe;
hard questions yet to ask
and many more before we’re through,
but I’d betray the Emperor
to take this risk with you.


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