Sweet Dreams, Mantis.

Um… okay. I know this isn’t a dream journal, but I *have* to write about this dream. It is far, far too weird not to. Heads up, it gets graphic. You have been warned.

So, the dream rambled on from one thing to the next, much as they always do. I was with my parents on some sort of vacation or excursion, travelling to a place on the coast. Strangely, I knew I had been to this place on the coast in my dreams before, but never in life. I think we were supposed to be rock collecting, but we ended up getting swept up into some sort of field party with a bunch of people, a few of whom we knew. As it was getting quite dark I launched into a bit of a song (I don’t remember which one) where I sang the melody and two guys nearby started singing harmony, and people started listening and applauding: we became a party hit. As soon as I figured the crowd would start making requests, and the lights died down to nearly pitch black with a few spots of firelight, I saw a girl rise up above the crowd, almost floating in the air about six or seven feet up. In my dream-logic mind I figured she was standing on a table or perhaps being supported by those below, but really she just seemed to be floating. She looked down on me, ethereal and… I won’t say angelic, she was more like the sidhe or some other variety of fey creature… anyway, she said, “It has been so long, and the night is young. Surely I deserve a dance, won’t you dance with me?” The guy next to me in the dream started to respond, but we both ignored him and I slowly stood up and approached her. As I reached out for her, she tumbled down towards me face-first like she had just fallen, but when I touched my hand to her shoulder she was light as a feather and flipped her whole body over to land perfectly beside me. My dream-logic told me she must be very drunk and losing her coordination, but on reflection I don’t know if my dream-mind was correct about that. I took her into my arms, and we barely had time to start dancing before she started making out with me, and I responded in kind, carrying her away from the cheering crowd.

We went back to her hotel room (we were in the hotel hallway as suddenly as a scene transition), and it was clear we were going to have a tryst at her room. Then something very strange happened: I began to transform partially into a praying mantis, but not all the way (my head and hands were still normal, but my torso region was definitely changed). This didn’t stop her though, she went through her door and shut it, but there was a “glory hole” at crotch level and we had sex through the door standing up. I was glad she hadn’t rebuffed me for having transformed, but I had a detached moment of “What the hell is happening here?” while at the same time not wanting to stop. In my mind’s eye I briefly had my camera view come through the hotel door and I could see her during our liaison despite being stuck on the other side of the door. She was dark-haired, kept it cropped short, and she was a svelte little thing, built like a gymnast.

Finally, our sex concluded, she opened the door and let me in. I started transforming back to my normal body, but it seemed that she had had a dangerously capricious mood swing. We kissed again, then she pulled back away from me, with a wild, almost flirtatious gleam in her eyes, and said, “So insect man, what will it be?” Then she pulled a gun out with her right hand and pointed it straight off to the side, into some kitchen cabinets, and she started firing it, shattering plates and kitchenware on the way. I counted the shots, she fired 10 rounds as she swung her arm and hand further towards the front, towards me. The last shot went narrowly by the left side of my head. Then she stuck the gun in my mouth, and I could feel the metal on my tongue before I snatched the gun away from her and jumped back. Somehow I knew the gun only had 10 bullets in the clip and she was out, but I wasn’t about to take that chance with a gun in my mouth.

I said, “This has been great, but now you’re scaring me.”

She seemed tired then, like I had knocked the wind out of her, and she said, “You can go if you want.” So I left then, frightened and struggling to remember what my room number was, striding away and searching my pockets to try to find my room key. The hotel was impossible to navigate, especially in my confused and scared state, and before long I was walking back down the same corridor as her room, and I passed her in the hallway. She looked diminished in some way, like she was tired, sad and maybe upset. She glanced over at me and said, “Goodnight,” and I replied in kind. That’s when I woke up.

…well. If I was interpreting literature, I’d say it’s no coincidence that after partially turning into a praying mantis, my lover tried to kill me. I’m not sure what it’s supposed to mean though, if anything. Maybe it doesn’t mean anything, but with such colorful imagery I would almost be inclined to say I was invited to a faerie revel. I don’t know how to respond.

Seaside revels change the tide
As two from different worlds collide;
It’s more than never meant to be,
I can’t know her, she can’t know me.

Sing as a trio in rich refrain,
And party in light summer rain;
I find a fan rise over the waves,
And give my visitor what she craves.

She falls to Earth to be with me,
And soon departs lands by the sea;
But this is magic, I’m mortal man,
And I transform beneath her hand.

She’ll have her prize despite my change,
And through the door burn passion’s flame:
She has her way, and when she’s done,
She lets me in and gets her gun.

She playfully fires ten shots to her right,
Puts the gun in my mouth; I opt for flight.
Somehow to her it was only a game,
And when I don’t play she is suddenly tame.

In panicked flight I lose my way,
To her this mantis is easy prey;
But she only woefully says goodbye,
And I find I regret leaving her to rise.


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