New Year’s Resolutions

Well, my cousin hasn’t left us yet… he seems to be more resolved to do his homework, I guess he’s trying his best to stay with us. There are some resolutions I need to face up to as well, and I started one of them today: getting back in shape.

I know I’ve written about it before on here, but outside of the occasional manual labor or aerobics (very occasional), I really hadn’t worked out for the past 8 years. We have a home gym thing (uses resistance bars), and my dad printed out some worksheets to keep track of what exercises and how many reps we would do (dad loves to make lists and be organized). I found my worksheet, and the last entry on it was dated January 31, 2007. Eight years… that’s a long time of telling myself I’d get back into shape and not following through. The only time I was really in fit condition was when I was 17, after I’d been working out the YMCA for a year. I was at my adult height of 6’4″ and I weighed 175 lbs., which I estimated to be less than 10% bodyfat. I could walk a mile in under 12 minutes, and for the first time in my life I was capable of doing pullups. I never quite reached the point of benchpressing my own weight (I peaked at 155 lbs.), so I won’t say I was an athlete or anything, just healthy and fit.

Now I’m 31, I weigh 209.5 lbs. (I know, not cause for alarm exactly, but I don’t want to develop a potbelly), and when I did aerobics (power walking) on the treadmill I covered 0.725 miles in 11 minutes (with a mix of steep grades thrown in) and I felt like I was about ready to die so I stopped there and caught my breath for several minutes. On the weights, I didn’t back off from the weight and reps from the last time I’d worked out (to be fair, that workout sheet in 2007 was after a long break as well), and I’m sure I’ll feel it in the next couple of days. Who knew lateral pull-ups could be so difficult? Anyway, I’ve decided that I’m too young to be feeling so old and tired. My joints might pop like a chorus of percussion, but being mobile is necessary to a longer (and better) life.

Another resolution is to get a new job, we’ll see how that goes. At least places are hiring right now, unlike the recession. Finally, there’s dating on the horizon… the potentially very near horizon. Wish me luck.

I get out the cereal
and vitamins
8 grams of protein in a serving of milk
250% of vitamin D in this tablet
15% of saturated fat
Omega-3s, dietary value not established
water to wash it down, 0 calories
and I go to the punishment machines.

Machines that remind you of a misspent youth
(and a misspent early adulthood to boot),
machines that make you punish yourself to great effect:
the less pain you feel, the more guilt sets in;
machines that mock your body, your stamina, your power,
yet you want to use them,
what clever torturers


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