Reconnecting, Part Deux

So! I’ve called some peeps, and called back a few, or been called back in turn (turn, turn, turn…). I haven’t forgotten how I lost track of people, or why it happens. Basically, it takes effort to be social, and the more social you are, the more energy it takes. Time, too. A time to gather stones together.

The point is, what is going to be different this time? Will I bring some in only to leave others out? Will the return be brief, and they will drift out on the tide? Will the return of some not be as palatable to others as it is to me (translation: will there be drama)? Am I overthinking this?

It is nice to assume everything will happen smoothly and all will be hunky-dory (whatever that is), but there are always concerns. Is it safe to bring two ex-girlfriends into the same room together (my instincts tell me no)? Is it even safe to bring one in? I’d like to think that answer is yes, reconciliation and friendship is possible. How many people is too many for a D&D game? (Answer: do not go above seven human beings in the same room; four to six is preferable.) Why is it that when you introduce new people to a D&D group, that is precisely the time when every player in the known universe shows up for the game and crowds the house? You invite new people because the group is shrinking, but that particular session you get waaaay too many players.


I don’t like having to practice conservation of time, especially conservation of people. I want more hours in the day, more energy to spend, I don’t like getting out of touch with any of my friends or acquaintances. I don’t know what the answer is here, all I can do is try my best… and hope for the best.

Its hard not to think about
your lips on my neck
your eyes when you smile
a cozy snuggle and peck.

Inside, I debate
if I’m strong enough to be
just a friend if I’m needed
and not get greedy.

For You were my world,
and You were my moon,
so I pray that this decade
isn’t coming ’round too soon.

Secretly, I hope
it was still meant to be:
the world, and the moon
and the shores of the sea.


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