Thespians of the Dinner Table

We come bearing books and laptops and sheets,
Pencils and beads and maps not yet written,
Bags full of faceted plastic – like gems –
and cross-reference imagination with rules.

We smile and greet and reference memes
And settle to seats like nesting quail
Write up a life made of rolls and whimsy
Until one says, “Alright, let’s begin.”

Memories of a second life recap and surface
Like a childhood forgotten only a week past
As a group we recall the thread of our story
And make fast our minds to the tale told tonight.

No script gets handed forth, only vague guidelines
As friends transform with improvisation
Becoming actor and actress, hero and villain,
the unsung Thespians of the Dinner Table.

Astounding success meets critical failure
As the moments of an epic play out in our minds
Live or die, win or lose, the point must remain
That in all things we strive to have fun.

Eventually the magic must wane for the night
As eyelids grow heavy and caffeine dwindles
And suddenly turned pumpkins, we excuse ourselves
Till the next time we get invited to the ball.


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