My dreams are weird, but I’m sure that’s true for most of us. I just woke up from some much earlier than anticipated, so I thought I might write about it.

It often involves a large building, as it did tonight. However, this time it took the form of a house with endless hallways and doors. It was full of secret passages that I had to crawl through, there were old decaying areas mixed in with the familiar and suburban. I recall having to escape from a hive of colorless, semi-transparent bees at one point in a run-down part of the “house.” A lot of the dream seemed to be entirely devoted to navigating the labyrinthine building, about finding the next room and the next misadventure I was supposed to attend. Finally, I went with someone else to spy on another faction living in the house, and when we got there we discovered what seemed to be a cult of men in their 20’s. They wore dark clothing and had sharp metal incorporated into their style all over, not unlike a raider from Fallout but more covered-up. They discovered us and I tried to flee, but as I started running slower and slower the fear of capture woke me up.

Ah, dreams. They’re interesting, but I figure if you spend too many waking hours analyzing them then you’re missing the point of being awake.

I stand at the breach
as the light goes out, they turn
metal and sharp smiles

crawling here again
if it is the same building
it spans across miles

in urban decay
still not as terrifying
as rural decay

I poison the hive
but it only kills color
now they’re stealthy bees


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