Chainmail Bikini

in response to

on a preset day
in present times
we gird up for war
of the fairy-tale kind
and indulge our dreams
in a PG-13 way
as the sun bathes the skin
on a summer’s day

I’ve seen black tape
crossed in an X
beneath a thin mesh
on a nubile chest;
in medieval times
she might have been stoned
for enjoying her image
or wearing armor alone

yet correct – sometimes –
as anachronism seems
I can’t help but smile
at our modern themes
and enjoy the fact
that our world is not theirs
that a girl can enjoy
a stainless brassiere

these battles will only
take place in the mind
so an unguarded midriff
in this case is fine
we haven’t known famine
we haven’t known plague
a break with tradition
is more than okay

so break out your elf-ears
your bright faerie wings
peacebond your weapons
and let the bard sing;
celebrate freedom
of a fantasy shared
wear whatever you want to
and be unimpaired.


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