To Muse or Not to Muse

So, what is the difference between musings and a journal? I suppose the journal is more private, though I’ve set up a public journal so that’s out of the question. The journal is more personal, more central to the writer himself and he is sometimes his own intended audience. Yes, I like that one. Finally, the journal may be more concrete, dealing in more facts than simple musings; however, they could both be full of daydreams or the musings could hold even more anecdotes than the journal does, so perhaps this doesn’t quite fit either.

Oh, right: welcome to Lord Rumfish’s Journal.

One personal difference I will have is this: I will be unapologetic about not cleaning up the journal entries. If you want to complain about formatting or editing or proofreading on the Musings, go ahead, but here I will be unencumbered and allow myself a step closer to stream-of-consciousness.

Now, to pull myself right back from stream-of-consciousness (ha! take that one, myself!) I’m going to allow for reader input. I don’t expect much to trickle in of course, but if it does and the reader is curious about some personal aspect of me I might answer if the public forum doesn’t seem too open a space for such rambling. Really though, this journal is for me, and I will generally treat it as such.

Freewriting stretches the writing muscles, as it were, warming one up for a full-fledged workout. It has been years since I wrote much for myself (this excludes college projects). While this jumbled heap of words might not look like a whetstone to you, I will use it to sharpen my ability to write once more. To clumsily exit this first post, I present a haiku:

WordPress journal entry:
trying to justify it?
self-defeating loop.


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